Once upon a time…

Our story

Once upon a time in a school far far away back in 2010…

So there we all were, young adults around 17 years old all 20 of us listening to our teacher Anita telling us that “If anyone wanted to, you could start your own business and follow your dreams”. 

It was in that old smelly classroom on the second floor of that massive school that the name Unique Party Planning got invented by a 17-year-old girl with some big ideas. Back then I thought that having a business just meant that you had your name was on a pen and maybe if it was a fancy business that you also had the name on a shirt or a uniform. 
Little did I know that it would take years and years until that name would be used yet again but to serve a newer more refined idea of event planning.
Welcome to take a little stroll down memory lane to see the “fine prints”, discarded logos, and old mind-maps from back in the day with MSN messenger still on the computer. Then you know it’s old school… 


When it all started


Growing visitor rate per week


Positive feedback from Partners

Everything can be fixed with a mind-map, right?

As well as thinking that everything can be solved if you ha a good enough mind-map Anita wasn’t completely wrong. If you do want to start a business you can.
I just wasn’t from a background where that sort of path was encouraged or even thought of as an option. Which isn’t that unusual.
However, as the years passed and the thought of Unique Party Planning faded it became just that. A path not followed.

…Fast forward 9 years to 2019

Then came the engagement. As a self-proclaimed party planner and absolutely an advocate of less is not more this was the greatest challenge of all. Planning THE day of a lifetime spent with all of your loved ones, and getting the share all of the love you have for your partner with your family and friends. 
That does indeed sound like a lot of fun, but also a great deal of pressure. Especially if you’re a perfectionist.
The hunt for the perfect wedding team had begun!
However, that did not prove to be an easy task. When I thought I had finally picked the right or the best vendor for a particular task, let’s say videographer or even to get a cake, another one would pop up and sway me away from my current choice. 

I kept wishing for a place where they all could be collected, compared to one another, and where I could communicate with them and read reviews of past experiences from others. 
That, it turns out, did not exist. 
So there I was, a frustrated stressed-out bride wanting life to be a little easier, and just like in the animated movies the lightbulb over my head lit up and the idea of Unique Party Planning came back to life.  
The planning had begun…

Old logo's

…”If it was easy, then everyone would do it.”

…”If it was easy, then everyone would do it.” The age old advice given by friends and family when you’ve come across yet another hurtle. 
Let’s put it this way, the mind-map for the current Unique Party Planning is way bigger than the one from 2010 with real problems needing to be solved and real-life companies with strong brands needing to be involved.
We were not in the smelly but safe classroom anymore.
So how do you create a platform that is like Airbnb and Momondo but for wedding and event services? Well, the answer is: it is not simple, and it did not go fast.
With a pandemic offering less time for social interactions and our wedding being postponed, there was no time but the present with the wedding business struggling and needing support, to dust off those old logos and get back to work! However, not using MSN messenger this time.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

“Trust me, I’m from Paris.”

Finally, with the logo designed by a talented young woman in Paris, it was time to get searching for the best talents out there. With the site ready for testing and developing changes after feedback from vendors. Unique Party Planning had come to life.

We promise to keep making planning easy, showcasing the best of the best, the most trustworthy, and excellent talents out there so you can make your event and/or wedding unique.
Welcome to our dream!

Stay tuned

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